What Stroller Should I Buy For A Newborn?

Belecoo™ Luxury Newborn Baby
Belecoo™ Luxury Newborn Baby

What Stroller Should I Buy For A Newborn?


A valid and more than a frequently asked question I have to say!    So what stroller should you buy for your newborn?  A simple enough question, but the answer can be complicated to say the least.  A lot can come down to mainly 2 things.  Price and customer preference.

For me, after searching a long time for an answer to this age old question, I have come to the conclusion that the best stroller you should buy for your little newborn is the Belecoo™ Luxury Newborn Baby Foldable Anti-shock High View Carriage Infant Stroller Pushchair Pram.

I know its a bit of a mouthful but in my opinions for the money it is the best you can buy for your newborn as many of the reviews from other people can testify.  You will see below in my review what they say.

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Here’s a quick summary
  • Fully adjustable for baby to sit or lie. Handle is also adjustable so that your baby can face you or face the street; Reversible stroller seat: forward- or rear-facing.
  • Design adds safety. Super natural rubber explosion proof wheels; Pedal brake, more safer.
  • Adjustable non slip handle, you can choose the most comfortable height to push; Adjustable ceiling, you can adjust according to the different weather.
  • Easy to fold. Solid steel frame easy to fold(one key to collect).
  • Suitable For 0-3 years old Babies; 1 * Baby Pushchair + 1* discount card

Product Information:
Item Weight: 13KG
Max Bearing:25KG
Folded up with wheels: 65x41x103cm
Overall hight of the buggy to hood point:109cm
Internal basket size: 80x36cm
Package Weight: 14kg
Package Size:55x32x85cm

Package Includes:
1 * Baby Pushchair
1 * Summer Sleeping Mat
1 * Wrist Strap
1 * Mosquito Curtain
1 * Cotton Cushion
1 * Foot Strap
1 * Baby Bibs
1 * Cup Holder
1* discount card

Here you will find an excellent video from Belecoo™ the maker of the Belecoo™ Luxury Newborn Baby Stroller.



There a numerous positive reviews for this excellent newborn baby stroller with very few negative comments,  In the main people are impressed with all that you get or is included in the price such as t

Belecoo Newborn Stroller USA
Belecoo Newborn Stroller USA

he mosquito curtain or the summer sleeping mat to name a few.

With most other baby stroller makers, these type of things are not included and you would have to pay extra for these items.  So value for money is established most certainly by these bits and bobs inclusion.

Of the negatives one person mentioned that the instruction were in Mandarin and no instructions at all were in English.  But then another customer stated that the instructions were in English as well.

Maybe the first customer mentioned missed it in the box or may have been inadvertently missed at the factory.  Who knows for sure, but having that reviewer giving a negative mark for this newborn baby stroller is a bit mean I think,  But hey, it’s their opinion right?

Final Verdict

So the question asked was, What Stroller Should I Buy For A Newborn?  My answer as you will already know is the Belecoo™ Luxury Newborn Baby Stroller.

You get a brilliant deal for your hard earned money and a quality product that will have your baby in a blissful sleep when tired and a comfortable secure journey when they are awake.

You have a choice of colors, one of my favorites is the USA version, but other colors are Blue, Purple, Red, Rose Red & Golden.  All look good to me but as I have stated already, the USA one does it for me.  It looks so cool, and if your a patriot at heart then this USA Belecoo newborn stroller does it for me and my Mrs!  And  if George Washington were alive today, I’m sure he would go with that newborn stroller too!!

As I would suspect, you would only be buying the best you can afford for your newborn baby and this newborn baby stroller from Belecoo ticks all the boxes for me.

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