Ergo Baby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier

A Review About The ErgoBaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier

Baby wearing is considered to be the best, hassle-free option for carrying your child. The market is full of various types of baby carriers, but in this article, we review one of the top rated and most popular baby carrier, Ergo Baby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier.  Our detailed analysis focuses on

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Grey
Ergo Baby Four Position 360 Baby                   Carrier Grey

everything the carrier has to offer to the little ones and their parents. After reading this review, you will be convinced that ErgoBaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier is exactly what you need.



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How is ErgoBaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Different from Other Ego Baby Carriers?

What’s unique about Ergo Baby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier is that it can hold your child in front-outward position, but other Ergo babies can’t. It allows the seat to be narrower at the base and accommodate the child’s outward facing position. The bases of the other carriers are too wide for outward facing positioning.

 Key Features of the Ergo Baby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier

1. Versatile

The carrier features four comfortable and ergonomic wearing positions which include the front- inward, front-outward, back, and hip carrying position. It is also compatible with Ergobaby Infant Insert (sold separately), which makes it usable from the first day with your newborn. The infant insert is meant for babies weighing 7- 12 lbs, (3.2- 5.5 Kg).

2. Innovative Design

ErgoBaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier comes with the correct design that provides optimum comfort, like the frog leg and a seating position with the child’s knees above or even to the hips and spine in a curved “C” position. It will never cut off your baby’s blood flow or turn his/her legs blue, as long as you have the baby positioned correctly.

3. Revolutionary Carrier Seat

The unique, structured bucket seat supports the child in his/her ergonomic seated position, with the recommended hip and spine positioning. It is designed with buttons for an adjustable width that enables you to find the ideal hip positioning in all the four carry positions.

4. Extendable Back Panel

You can roll down the back panel for front-outward or upwards for inward facing positions so as to provide your child with extra back, head and neck support. The adjustable width of the bucket seat and extendable back panel guarantees that the Ergo Baby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier will definitely grow with your son or daughter.

5. A Great Hood

The hood comes with parents’ favorite features. It can adjust to support the baby’s head while she/he is sleeping. It’s also excellent for protecting him/her from the sun and provides you with the privacy you need while nursing. Ergo Baby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier has a zippered pocket that holds the hood. You can also fit some of your “must haves” such as keys and credit cards in with the hood, but it can’t be zipped when the hood is being used.

6. Adjustable Velcro Waistband

The supportive wide waistband adjusts in between 26-55inches and 66-140 inches, meaning that it can be worn high or low on the waist based on your preference. Velcro waistband is easy to adjust to the most comfortable position, providing you with extra support for the low back. Moreover, it isn’t frustrating like the ones found in other carriers. It operates quietly and will not awaken your child. You will love it.

7. Comfortable for Moms and Dads

Ergo Baby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier offers maximum parent comfort

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Mom
Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier Mom

for petite moms to dads. The adjustable padded shoulder straps, in combination with the extra wide Velcro waistbands, distribute the little one’s weight evenly. The sitting position avoids any pulling anywhere on the baby’s body, helping prevent strains on the hip. ErgoBaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier is also designed in a way that you can put the child on your back on your own or without help from anyone. It is also easy to go from forward facing to front facing.

8. Safety

The carrier is thoughtfully created and meticulously tested. ERGObaby have worked with baby wearing consultants, midwives and parents to create a safe product. Moreover, Ergo Baby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier has been acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a “hip healthy” product.


• Material: 100% Cotton

• Product Weight: 1.6 pounds

• Dimensions: 6.7”x6.7”x10.4”

• Target Gender: Unisex

• Recommended Weight Range: 7- 33 lbs, (3.2- 15 Kg), but if the baby    weighs 7- 12 lbs, (3.2- 5.5 Kg) you should use infant insert (sold  separately).


• The extra wide Velcro waistband is exceptionally comfortable.

• It rolls up compactly, and you can easily place it in your travel bag.

• The button system is uniquely designed and provides the best support  for inward and outward facing position.

• It can be used for hiking.

• The construction material does not attract heat, but can get a bit warm  in the summer.

• Baby’s arms can be on top as long as she is tall enough to reach the top.

• The baby carrier is easy to clean since its machine washable.

• Ergo Baby makes great instructional videos on how to use the carrier.


• The infant insert is not included (sold separately).


Customer Reviews

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Grey Front
Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Grey Front

A high percentage of customers are happy with the various patterns of Ergobaby 360 Baby Carriers. For example, Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier, Grey has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars after 510 customer reviews on Amazon. A customer has shared that she decided to purchase this carrier because she loved the idea of putting the baby on her back. At first, it was tricky to figure out,

but once she did, she loved it. The customer outlines that this carrier fits her well and keeps her hands free while she is still close to her daughter.

Some customers claim that they are not able to clip the shoulder strap on their own, and they need assistance from other people. You don’t really need help. Instructional videos explain in detail that you should loosen both shoulder straps so that they can be completely reachable. Bring it up behind your neck and then after putting in the baby, support her with one hand as you clasp and tighten the straps with the other hand. If you want to remove her, just loosen the shoulder straps, and the chest strap will be reachable to unclip.


Explore the world with your son or daughter by purchasing Ergo Baby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier. It is what will make you available to your baby emotionally and physically. There are a variety of color options in original and performance to choose from. You will also get a user manual with detailed instructions and step by step guides, on how to use, maintain and care for the carrier.