Bugaboo Double Donkey Stroller Review

Bugaboo Double Stroller
Bugaboo Double Stroller






Bugaboo Double Donkey Stroller Review


Do you have two young children very close in age? Well the Bugaboo Donkey Duo stroller could be for you! A high end stroller designed with comfort, safety, and aesthetic appearance in mind, you can spoil your children and yourself at the same time with a product like this.

Made specifically for two children of different ages, it comes with two seats and a bassinet. It is one of the most well designed strollers on the market, and has the right features to ensure your children enjoy a safe, comfortable ride.

It is possible to put your children in any desired position with the Donkey Duo. Use two seats, a seat and a bassinet, or just one of either and experience 17 different seat configurations. These options provide flexibility and comfort, ensuring your children can ride and/or sleep easy.


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Features of the Bugaboo Double Stroller:

The Donkey Duo contains a range of features designed to make your life easier, including:

– A bassinet which easily converts to a seat and back again. This provides flexibility for your child to sit up and enjoy the ride, or lay back and have a nap when they get sleepy.

– Never worry about running out of space. With a large, 7.4 gallon under seat basket and a side luggage basket, there is plenty of room for storage.

– Taking to pram to the beach or the park? The large wheels make manoeuvring over such terrain easy for you and easy on your children.

– Although the stroller is made for two, it is only 5.4 inches wider than a standard single configuration. This means that you never have to worry about accessibility through narrow doorways or entrances.

– A self-standing seat and basinet provides a second transport option. With this, you can remove sleeping children from the stroller and carry them into the house without even waking them.

– It is designed to fold up into the most compact design possible. This facilitates super easy storage and transport. Never worry about fitting the stroller

Bugaboo Double Stroller Red
Bugaboo Double Stroller Red

in the car, or where to put it at home. With the Donkey Duo you can be sure of easy storage.


– The many optional accessories mean that the Donkey Duo can be transformed for any of your needs. Whether you need weather protection, warmth for your children, or would like to be able to take it jogging, everything is possible.

All inclusive:  Unlike other brands such as the Joovy Groove Ultralight  or the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller  which may require you to add basic parts after purchase, the Donkey Duo is all inclusive. With purchase you will get:

– 2 Rain covers

– A side luggage basket

– An under seat basket

– 2 base seat fabrics

– 2 frames

– 2 canopy wires

– A chassis with wheels

– A bassinet apron

– 2 extendable sun canopies

– 2 carry handles

– An air pump

– The base bassinet fabric

Also optional add-ons can be purchased, but are only necessary for those really wanting to customize the look and functionality of the stroller.

Safety:  As with any top of the range stroller, the Donkey Duo implements the best safety equipment possible in its design. With a New Comfort Harness’, you can be sure that your children are getting the best ride possible. No more complicated straps or weak buckles; with the Donkey Duo, you will find a simple buckle and strap system which still provides optimal safety and comfort to your little ones.

Your children will experience the smoothest ride possible due to the

Bugaboo Double Stroller Wheels
Bugaboo Double Stroller Wheels

unique wheel design. With individual shock absorbers on every wheel and pivoting front wheels for easy turning, this stroller is well equipped to go anywhere. And not only is it at the top of the range when it comes to safety and comfort, but it also looks great!  Become a safe and classy mother with the Donkey Duo.

Customizable:  The Donkey Duo is fully customizable, with heaps of optional accessories and configurations. It also comes with the ability to convert between the two other Donkey configurations simply and cheaply. With a cheap accessory, you can easily change from the Duo to the Single or Twin to suit your needs.


Some of the most useful accessories include:

– Breezy sun canopy, to protect your child from the elements

– Comfort wheel board which provides comfort and safety for larger children

– Car seat adapter

– Easy transport bag

– Mosquito net for those night-time barbecues

– Foot muff to keep your baby warm and comfortable

– Bugaboo runner chassis, which allows you to convert your Donkey Duo from a normal stroller to an exercise friendly tool

Technical specs:  Made for two different aged children, the Donkey Duo has the following specs:

– Underseat storage capacity of 7.4 gallons

– Width of 74cm/29”

– Folded dimensions: 34.3” x 23.6” x 9.4”

– Weight of 33.4 lbs

– 10” front and 12” rear wheels with air filled tyres

– Capable of carrying up to 100lb (50lb per seat), and suitable form birth.

Warranty:  With a three-year warranty, you can be sure that you are protected from faults in the product. It covers all manufacturing defects, all zippers, harnesses, seams, and Velcro, and offers either repairs or a full replacement product.

Car Seat Adaptability:  The Bugaboo range includes car seat adapters which make it possible to use the same seats in both the stroller and the car. This saves on space, is super easy when putting the kids the car, and is as safe as the safest car-seats.  Achieving this function is as simple as buying the necessary adapter from the Bugaboo website and fitting it – which takes just seconds.

Conclusion:  Why go for such an expensive, top of the range double stroller?  Well studies have suggested that, since children spend so much time in them, the right stroller can greatly influence your child’s mental and physical development. Why take a risk with something this important, order the Donkey Duo for peace of mind.

This seller also offers free domestic shipping, which makes life a lot easier, and zero sales tax:  The price you see is the price you pay. The three-year warranty justifies the slightly inflated price, and with a friendly customer service team right there to help you, I wouldn’t hesitate about purchasing this product. At around $1800, you won’t find a better price for similar quality. I highly recommend this stroller to anyone!