Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Front
Baby Jogger Summit X3 Front

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller Review

If you are an active parent who enjoys taking your children for a jog, then the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is for you.  A top of the range jogging stroller, the Summit X3 boasts features such as independent suspension, a swiveling front wheel, and a quick fold folding mechanism.

With attractive, comfortable canopies, your children will be safe from the sun and the rain but still enjoy a cool breeze on their faces while running. Classy and chic, it is also usable as an everyday stroller, and certainly won’t look out of place compared to other brands.


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Features of the Baby Jogger Summit X3

With a wide range of features, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is one of the most practical, durable, and good looking strollers on the market. Some of the best features include:

– A weight capacity of 100 pounds, which means your babies will not grow out of it until they are ready to. As well as that, it is designed for children up to five years old, by which time they will almost be jogging beside you!

– A front wheel lock to shift from a swiveling front wheel to a fixed wheel. Operated by a button on the handle, you can switch at any time.

– Hand-operated drum brakes for improved safety and stopping capacity. Avoid over stressing your back when exercising by easily controlling the speed of the stroller.

– A huge undercarriage storage space provides plenty of room for you and your children’s needs.

– A large sun canopy with great ventilation and well located viewing windows means that your children will never get bored – always a positive when exercising.

– As far as jogging strollers go, it is relatively small and compact. At just 36 pounds and 34.25” x 32.48” x 15.35” when folded, it fits in the back of most cars and is easily manageable by anyone.

– The seat covers are easily removed for washing, meaning that you don’t have to worry about dust or mud when you’re out exercising.

Performance:  The Summit X3 has been designed for exceptional performance on any terrain. Continue to exercise in your favorite locations

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Back
Baby Jogger Summit X3 Back

without worrying about your children’s comfort. The individual, all wheel suspension system ensures that your children will receive the most comfortable ride possible.

The large, air filled tires ensure that the stroller performs well on uneven or soft ground, and increases the safety when operating at high running speeds. With a pivoting front wheel, it is able to turn very easily within a small space.

The front wheel can also be locked for high speed running using a simple leaver located at the back of the stroller. If it tends to pull to one side with the front wheel locked, then the wheel alignment can be easily adjusted with a small knob.

Brake System:  The brake system on this stroller is really second to none. With a parking brake on the rear axle that is easily reachable by foot, you can have confidence that once it is applied, the stroller will stay where you want it to.

The drum break system for use during exercise is truly magnificent. Featuring a hand operated leaver, the brakes are strong enough to provide complete control while running on slippery surfaces or up and down hills. They only apply to the back wheels, which reduces the chances of losing control while trying to stop.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Folded
Baby Jogger Summit X3 Folded

Quick Fold System:   A patented Quick-Fold system allows you to fold and store the Summit X3 in just minutes.

Simply undo the safety straps, grab the clearly labelled handles, and pull to fold. It is secured in the folding position by a small Velcro strap.



Customizable:  There are a large number of accessories which are compatible with the Summit X3 Double. This allows you to customize the stroller for all your needs and wants.

They include:

– Double belly bar, for increased safety and comfort for your children

– Compact pram, which turns the stroller into a bassinet for babies up to 6 months old

– Water bottle holder, for easy access when exercising

– Weather shield, to give your child full protection from the elements while still allowing them to see

– Carry bag, for easy storage and transport of the folded stroller.

– Foot Muffs for your children to keep their feet warm during an early morning or winters run.

– Cooler bag, to keep your children’s food and drinks cold and refreshing.

Safety:  The safety features of this stroller are second to none and include a safety harness, brakes, jogging strap, push handle, and weather canopy. The five-point safety harness is top of the range in stroller safety. With padded straps which are fully adjustable and simple to use, the harness ensures that your children will have a safe and enjoyable ride.

The hand operated drum brakes, jogging strap, and one-handed push handle are all designed for your comfort, and allow you to control the stroller with ease. The weather canopy ensures that your children are not overly exposed to the sun or wind, keeping them happy while you exercise.

Technical Specs:  The Summit X3 Double is relatively compact and light for a double stroller, with the following specifications:

– Holds a maximum of 100 pounds

– Folded dimensions of 34.25” x 32.48” x 15.35”

– A weight of just 37 pounds

– Undercarriage storage space holds around 15 pounds

Warranty:   The Summit X3 comes with a lifetime warranty which protects against defective materials and workmanship. A one-year warranty is also offered on all fabrics and wearable parts of the stroller. With a super friendly customer service team, the buyer protection that is offered should inspire confidence in the product.

Conclusion:   Suitable both for twins and for two children of different ages, the Summit X3 Double is the ideal option for any active family. Safe, comfortable, and classy, it is hard to look past when selecting an all-purpose jogging stroller.

It allows you, as a parent, to continue your active and healthy lifestyle. At the same time, you are spending valuable bonding time with your children and imprinting positive memories in their developing brains.

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double stroller gets a 100% recommendation. With a sleek, appealing design and a price under $350 at the time of writing, buy this stroller today so you can get out and begin exercising in comfort!