Lightweight Baby Stroller Reviews

Blue Baby Stroller
Blue Baby Stroller

If you are seeking out  Lightweight Baby Strollers  that are easy to fold and of  lightweight so you can take it with you anywhere you go then this review site will give you the answers you seek.

We will be reviewing a sample of Lightweight Baby Strollers and tell you all about the bestselling as well as the ones that we recommend buying and also NOT buying based on features, price and other customers opinions.

If you find yourself in a rush or in a hurry then you can check out the best all-rounder we have found and highly recommend which is this,  the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller.

This Lighweight Stroller ticks all the boxes with us simply because of its very light weight (12 pounds), ease of folding down and carrying, robustness and the brilliant opinions and customer reviews we have found on this excellent Baby Stroller.  At to top it off,  it’s a great price too!

These are the things you will want to look out for and consider when thinking about a Lightweight Baby Stroller



No gold stars for you dear reader for you guessing what this is about,  The Baby Stroller has to be truly lightweight to qualify.  The criteria being 15 pounds and under.  No room for the heavy boys here!


Collapsing & Carrying

How quick and easy is it to collapse the Baby Stroller?  Is it an easy task to do or a complicated thing that will find you pulling your hair out with frustration?  Once collapsed is it easy to carry?



Just because the Baby Stroller is Lightweight, is it up to the job in hand?  Will it last you for a long time.  Will the Stroller be able to handle your little one in all the scenarios that will occur?  Basically, cant it take a beating and still function properly after all that has been thrown at it?


Lightweight Baby Stroller Reviews:

This here is our first review and it is the popular:

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

As already stated above, this is our recommended choice and we would love you to read our in depth review on it.  If my kids were still of a young age, I would buy this Stroller for sure!


Our second choice is the Joovy Groove Ultralight which you will find to be an excellent 2nd  place contender in our opinion.  The main reason for coming 2nd was the price.  Other than that a sturdy performer with not many adverse reviews from the public. So aside from the price it would have been a joint 1st place.


Click Here  for an in depth review on  the Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller


Our 3rd choice is a lightweight stroller from Kolcraft.  Again a very good contender but we feel the price lets it down and some of the reviews from other customers are not that great, we will let you decide on that!  Check out our review here:  Kolcraft Lite Sport Lightweight Stroller